The outrage at Palestine is outraging ME.



How in the WORLD can anyone, with a straight face, say that Palestine has single-handedly derailed the peace process by asking the UN for recognition as a self-governing, independent nation state?

First of all, what peace process

Negotiations have entirely broken down, as Israel has made no real move to shut down settlements or prevent settlers from moving in on Palestinian land. Today, Israel went ahead and announced the construction of 3,000 settler homes on Palestinian land — retaliation, it seems. But its not like this is anything new — Israel has been violating agreements it has signed on to, and has so far banked on the fact that it can do whatever it wants, thanks to the fact that America is backing them. 

So if Israel can violate peace agreements, why can’t Palestine? 

And like, not to be Captain Obvious here, but just look at the discrepancy here: when Israel derails the peace process, they impose an illegal police state and create an artificial state of economic crisis by way of embargo on a population that is entirely dependent on Israel for everything, but doesn’t have the rights of Israeli citizenship. They allow Israeli citizens to steal Palestinian land. Instead of simply turning a blind eye to crimes perpetuated by the settlers, they throw the full weight of the Israeli military behind the colonizers. They enforce an illegal, ethnocratic, apartheid state — simply because they CAN.  When the Palestinian Authority derails the peace process, they go to the UN to ask for recognition, in the hopes that they will be able to take Israel to court for war crimes.

Dear “moderate, “mainstream” Americans and Israelis: In what world are these two responses commensurate, or even comparable? Why in the WORLD are we showing more outrage when Palestine acts in self-defense (in a form of self-defense that is 100% peaceful, even!) and none at all when Israel acts the part of a violent colonizer?

This is what a two-state solution is going to look like, folks. Palestine will have to be treated as an independent nation state and will have the same rights accorded to any self-governing, independent nation, and Israel is going to have to answer for its illegal actions.

If you want a just outcome to this horrible, horrible conflict — this is what needs to happen.

Of course, if you want the Palestinians to leave Palestine and the Israelis to have everything from the sea to the Jordan River, then by all means, protest what the Palestinians have done yesterday at the UN. 

Just be honest about what you’d really like to see happen in the Middle East. 


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