Image is a pink background with white text reading,…

Image is a pink background with white text reading, “Euthanasia; ‘the act of killing hopelessly sick or injured individual animals in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.’” and black text reading, “What shelters are doing is not ‘euthanasia.’ What they are doing is slaughter…It is murder.”



WRONG!  Shelters and shelter workers do the most compassionate thing that can be done when there is no home for an animal, they do the dirty work for:

a: no kill shelters

b: people who do not get their pets spayed/neutered

c: breeders

d: people who abandon their animals

e: the person or persons who believe this ludicrous statement, i.e. ignorance

Obviously, this was made by someone who has never experienced or does not understand the plight of pet overpopulation.  There are millions, let me put that in caps so maybe it will make some more sense, MILLIONS of animals without homes.  How the FUCK are we supposed to HUMANELY keep these animals in fucking cages?  THAT IS INHUMANE. 

Not all animals are adoptable and until people stop breeding and start fixing their pets, this will continue because it NEEDS to.  Because we CARE about the mental well being of animals. 

Slaughter?!  Are you fucking kidding me?!


And if there are truly people who believe shelters are slaughter houses and employ murderers, well, I AM PROUD TO BE A MURDERER.  I’m proud to be competent at what I do, I’m proud of the compassion I show each and every animals that dies in my arms, I’m proud that I can end an animals suffering as quickly and as painlessly as possible, and lastly I’m proud to be able to do what no one else will do. 

I’m proud to be there for the animals when they need us most.

We need to work together, not work against each other to solve this problem.

Actually it’s you that’s wrong.

Studies prove it.

No Kill shelters and communities prove it.

Actually evaluating shelters and how they work proves it.

You shouldn’t be proud to be killing animals that you should be finding homes for. You should be disgusted that your shelter isn’t doing its job.

PAWS Chicago is an awesome No-Kill shelter with a massive spay/neuter program that includes feral animals.

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