[TW] your reminder that not only is ex-trans therapy still legal






but that the APA hired Zucker, ex-trans therapy’s premiere practitioner, to head the committee on transness for the DSM V, which just came out

there is a waiting list for cis adults to put their children into Zucker’s “care”

this “care” involves punishing them when they do “gender inappropriate” things and rewarding them when they do “gender appropriate” things

there is a waiting list, you heard me kids, literally a waiting list for medical abuse

and if you don’t think that makes Zucker dubiously credible, guess who he’s totally coauthored stuff with before? J Michael Bailey, notorious transmisogynist and also the fucksaw guy

I feel comfortable calling Bailey “the fucksaw guy” because he’s the first result when I google “fucksaw,” which is a feat considering that this is the internet after all—google it if you’d like an explanation, but be forewarned, it’s exactly as ludicrous as it sounds

the evidence for cis people not having their shit together and being generally incompetent and rapacious and a bit evil—

the evidence is becoming compelling

ohhhhh how positively wonderful. -_-/le sarcasm

Your regularly scheduled reminder that psychology is often an incredibly problematic discipline, and the ideas it espouses should not be taken as the gospel fucking truth.


Reparative therapy has been outlawed in California, and the language does also include ex-trans therapy. One small glimmer.

I posted it before, but the WPATH says that ex-trans therapy / reparative therapy is unethical. It won’t be long (hopefully DSM VI or V-TR) when it’ll be not ethical… I  really really hate zucker 😐

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