Every time I maybe want to understand the perspective of white vegans







I remember that there are white people that treat their dogs with more love and respect than they would ever afford PoC

is it just me or does this recent slew of anti-white-vegan post bore anyone else?

is it me, or the fact that you see this as an anti white vegan post and not a post about how some white people are fucked up means you’re completely oblivious to the post I made?

the way white vegans turn shit into a private pity party instead of being upset that there are PoC who aren’t respected or valued

that’s boring to me

nothing new about white people turning an issue about PoC into some kind of vendetta against them

it isn’t always about you and your needs

I may have misread that post as well by putting “white vegan” in the title. It came across as rather aggressive towards white vegans and because I can’t find an explanation why you would be so angry at them (‘cause I have never seen a vegan post something againsr PoC) & because it’s natural for me that no one says they value their dog more than PoC (you could maybe say you value your dog more than humans in general) I read it as a critique of white vegans for a reason I don’t get. 

Would you be so kind to explain what makes you angry and what white vegans especially did wrong in your opinion? I don’t want to be oblivious to this if it’s a huge problem that many PoC have in the vegan movement. I think I’m missing pieces here, so please enlighten me.

i think that when you read my post, you came looking for a fight. there is nothing aggressive in the tone of my post. i used words like “maybe” and “understand” and there is nothing in my post that would call someone to defend white people

unless they inherently percieve black people/PoC as a threat

i also want to tell you that if you don’t think there are people that treat have treated dogs better than people


then your grasp on history and human rights may be too jaded for me to even begin to help you.

i really want you to re read my post and point out where anything i said about my personal thoughts and experience, on my blog was aggressive towards any one.

and once you can see that there was not an ounce of fallacy in what i originally posted, then maybe we can begin to talk about the way PoC often feel about some white vegans

White people are not exempt from criticism.
Vegans are not exempt from criticism.
White vegans are not exempt from criticism.
White people often actively reproduce white supremacy, intentionally or otherwise.
White vegans often actively reproduce white supremacy, intentionally or otherwise.
People of color, vegan or not, are not in ANY way OBLIGATED to provide any explanation for whatever anger or frustration they have toward whiteness or white people as a class.

What’s more, the original post was not aggressive or belligerent. It was blunt and suitably so.

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