I’m so done with anti-welfare people.







Y’al will bitch about the miniscule number of people who cheat the food stamps system, talmbout some ‘I don’t want no welfare queen moochin off my tax dollars!!!!”

but y’all ain’t sayin shit about the corporations avoiding taxes

And y’all sure as hell ain’t mad about the damn near 700 billion dollar MILITARY BUDGET used to go colonize and destroy brown countries.

America: where the people who have everything tell the people who have too little that the people who have nothing are taking it all.


I’m honestly tired of America dehumanizing those who need a little extra help putting food on the table and making sure their kids have something in their bellies before they go to sleep.  People fight so hard to fit into “being” American that they forget that this country was based off of the blood sweat and tears of others.  FOR FREE. FREE LABOR.

So don’t you damn condemn someone for getting government assistance. 

Last year I literally had a dude say to me that all children should be taken away from parents on welfare, because “they don’t really love them, they just have them to get more money.”

He formed this opinion because apparently he does repairs to low income housing, so “he knows.”

That is a real actual thing that happened.

A dude told me my mother didn’t love me.

I love idiots like this.

Yes, lets take those children away and put them in the fucking system.

The system that privileges white children because non white children end up having to grow out the system.


I can’t with idiots like this.

To be honest after moving to a white, affluent suburb two and a half years ago, many of the things people have said to me have shocked me to the bone. It’s not so much what they say; I’ve heard things like that before…but only from neo-nazis. These people think they’re normal. It’s not so much that they say shit like this but the deep conviction they have of their entitlement to dictate what “should be done” about “those people”.

And I suppose if by normal you mean, the majority of middle class white people, I must confess they are. In my life I’d only really experienced the outer ripples, so to speak, of these ideas and attitudes. These fucks are the ones dropping the stones in the pond.

I use the word -normal- in order to convey my horror that they seem to have no idea that something is deeply, seriously wrong with them. They seem like soulless husks, utterly devoid of humanity and empathy. I find it genuinely frightening.

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