Perino: Women ‘victims of violence’ should ‘make better decisions’

Perino: Women ‘victims of violence’ should ‘make better decisions’:


Fox News host Dana Perino engaged in some victim blaming on Wednesday when she declared that women who had suffered from violence should “make better decisions.”

The conservative hosts of Fox News’ The Five on Wednesday continued their week-long effort to defend gun culture in the wake of a murder/suicide involving NFL football player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, by claiming that “bedding” and vehicles were more deadly than guns.

“This isn’t an issue about gun control,” co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle insisted. “This is an issue about domestic violence and a man who had a troubled past; had a history documented of being, unfortunately, sadly, abusive to women; an inability to be able to control his temper and his emotions; a lack of impulse control.”

“I’m glad you brought that up,” Perino remarked. “On the same day that Jovan Belcher committed this crime, there was a man who beat his wife with a baseball bat and killed her. Okay? He wasn’t a pro football player, he doesn’t drive a Bentley, didn’t make millions of dollars. But on the same day — that’s why I think talking about the gun culture so-called issue is actually a copout and not dealing with the real issue about mental health, anger management and domestic violence.”

“Can you name me one person you know that saved their lives by a handgun?” liberal co-host Bob Beckel asked.

“Bob, I think that skirts the issue that women are victims of violence all the time,” Perino replied.

“Should have guns,” co-host Greg Gutfeld interrupted.

“Or maybe make better decisions,” Perino added.

“Why don’t we just strap a gun on everybody and walk around the street?” Beckel quipped.

“It’d be safer,” co-host Eric Bolling asserted.

“Beautiful!” Gutfeld exclaimed.

Watch this video from Fox News’ The Five via Media Matters, broadcast Dec. 5, 2012.

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