Please help!

Please help!:


I am a disabled transgender person in a bind with respect to a student loan. I was intending to apply for further deferrment on account of my being unemployed and experiencing too much anxiety to function at work, but the bank in question (Wells Fargo—don’t get student loans from them if you can help it) requires me to make the first payment in full before they allow me to apply for ANY deferrment or forbearance. Right now, I have only a little more than half of what I need to make the payment. I need at least 70 more dollars by Monday in order to make that first payment.

I would really appreciate it if anyone would be willing to help me with this payment by donating or reblogging this post. I want to defer paying back this loan until I am actually employed, and the only way they’ll allow me to do that is if I make the first payment. Please help by donating or signal-boosting.

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