crackerhell: bad-dominicana: And yes, for some men, like asians, or any who arent macho…



And yes, for some men, like asians, or any who arent macho lumberjack, you will be degraded, lose out on patriarchal privilege, this they refer to as emasculation. but the only reason you can resent and suffer for not having that kinda respected man status is coz of patriarchys constructions that tell you, while its womanly treatment to be seen as a little bitch, youre supposed to be exempt by virtue of manhood.
Defeminization is also a thing with black women a lotta the time. thats what happens with hardset patriarchal binaries. Yet id argue it cant be viewed in the same scope as emasculation, for power dynamics make it so even emasculated men are still men and above us.
Emasculation is bein treated like a lil bitch, or an equal rather than superior while continuing to be a man.
Defeminization, grants you shebeast status. Deserving of the full extent degradation youd heap on a woman, but with the force youd apply to a man because we dont need the care a woman would, we dont feel at all, basically.
enter antiblack misogyny and the high rates of anti-trans* violence that results in mainly dead black trans* women.
Not men.

any non-black trans woman who ignores the treatment of cis black women and black FAAB people demoted to she-beast status needs to literally punch themselves in the face

because it’s clearly they do not care about how much worse it gets for black trans women

because that’s exactly what defeminization is. while white women are complaining that they got told they were on their period, they don’t even realize that they aren’t likely to get slugged in the face for it, because periods are women things and that still makes them deserving of NOT getting their ass beat. when shit happens to black women/faab people, they’re going to get punched. they’re going to get told they’re “acting like a man” so they’re going to get hit like one.

you don’t ever hear no one excusing no black women cause “oh they on the rag”. naw, it’s “you acting like a man and now imma treat you like one, bitch”.

and that is ALL black women

all of them

even the cis ones

even the faab ones


now multiply that shit times transphobia

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