a story about why passing privilege matters:


so today i was talking to a venezuelan friend of mine who passes for white. he sometimes jokingly says really conservative things, and he was telling me sometimes people actually believe him. he said sometimes he’ll even badmouth latin@ immigration into the US and badmouth undocumented immigration in front of people, and some people not only believe he really feels that way because they don’t know he’s venezuelan, but many of them will outright agree with him and be like YEAH YOU’RE RIGHT [insert hateful xenophobic language here that i’m sure all of us can imagine]

then he told me it’s a good way to know who to get away from and who basically to never reveal his racial background and his immigration status to. he said: “and when they say that, i just usually get the fuck away from them before they take out a shotgun or something”

see, he has the ability to do that sort of thing and find a safe place when he comes across threatening people.

people who do not pass for white don’t have the chance to pretend they’re white in unsafe situations.

do you see how significant that difference is?

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