Of course, this should be no surprise to anyone that transmisogyny has seeped into things like the Hawkeye initiative


When you’re dealing with a group of people who equates menstruation with women (creating critique around WHAT IF MEN HAD PERIODS, funny story, many men do and many women don’t), misandry with cock jokes, penis with rape (FUNNY STORY, TRANS WOMEN GET RAPED MORE THAN CIS WOMEN, WHEN ALL OTHER INTERSECTIONS ARE THE SAME I.E. RACE/DISABILITY/ETC, AND MANY HAVE PENISES) you really just can’t be surprised by this sort of subtle/not-so-subtle cissexism and transmisogyny.

Trans folks get left out in general and trans women get shat on to the point of drowning in it.

But enjoy your fun, cis people. How dare we point out issues in your funtimes. How dare we.

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