Tumblr, I’m begging you.

Tumblr, I’m begging you.:



Remember that petition about organ transplants being denied for autistic people that was going around about 2 weeks ago?
During those two weeks, it’s gotten maybe 2,000 signatures.
In the next 4 days (by Friday, December 14th) it needs 16,457 more. 
Or it doesn’t pass.

Now, what I want to know is, why are you not signing it? Seriously, it takes what, maybe 2 minutes? You can spend hours nearly the entire day scrolling through thousands of meaningless pictures of thin girls, big sweaters, coffee cups, cat gifs,  shirtless guys, witty text posts, and porn, but you can’t take 2 freaking minutes to sign something that has the possibility to save someone’s life?

Please sign, this is really important! D8

via Tumblr http://knittingandsljivovica.tumblr.com/post/37728374771


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