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My maternal grandfather did extensive genealogical studies on my mother’s families and my father’s families.

He became fascinated by genealogy because of his own interesting cultural makeup. Born to a Scottish father of Clan Donald and a Gujarati mother near Loch a’ Ghlinne, before adulthood, he and his family emigrated to Limestone Co., Texas.

Upon marrying my Cherokee grandmother he did an extensive genealogy of her family which was made simpler by the clan lineage system but as of his death, it was still largely incomplete due to the difficulty of obtaining records. After my parents’ marriage, my grandfather was given permission to investigate my familija and found nothing except the immigration papers to the United States. He even went to Zagreb and rural parts of Romania searching but that’s all he found.

This is a man who has traced his own ancestry back to Portuguese territories in Gujarat in the year 1620 and in Scotland as far back as 1100 CE and my paternal grandfather’s ancestry to the French colonies in Senegal (via granddad’s Wolof mother) and to 1490 CE Bavaria and yet he could find nothing on my paternal grandmother’s family.

When someone tells me they have traced their family back generations and found a whole bunch of records proving they’re Řomani, it’s really hard for me to believe that they were raised Řomani. We have an incredibly exclusive culture and I don’t talk about it freely with outsiders. If they respond to my understandable skepticism with hostility, I’m incredibly unlikely gto buy into their claims.

Considering that 90% of Řomani did not have birth certificates (my own family included) it’s a pretty bold claim to state that you have traced your genealogy back that far in a Řomani family.

I know my genealogy because I was raised Řomani. There are no papers telling me who I am.

Thisssss. My boyfriend was doing some genealogy research on his family (who are all irish) and it made me so jealous because I could never trace anything. =/  

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