New Hampshire police Taser Chinese woman who tried to buy ‘too many iPhones’

New Hampshire police Taser Chinese woman who tried to buy ‘too many iPhones’ :




Police in Nashua, New Hampshire say they were forced to use a Taser on a 44-year-old Chinese woman who does not speak English after she was told to leave an Apple Store because she was trying to buy too many iPhones.

Through a translator, Xiaojie Li told WMUR that she had bought two iPhones from the Pheasant Lane Mall Apple Store on Friday and returned on Tuesday to buy more to send to her family in China.

“The manager of the Apple Store came and told her something, but she didn’t understand,” Li’s daughter explained.

Soon after that, shoppers captured cell phone video of police — who were providing security at the store’s request — using a stun gun on Li as she laid on the mall floor screaming.

“My mom said she doesn’t know why they called the police because she doesn’t understand what they are talking about,” the woman’s daughter insisted to WMUR.

Nashua police are reviewing the incident to determine if excessive force was used, but said that use of the Taser was standard operating procedure.

“She was certainly capable of coming up here and purchasing these things from the Apple Store here,” Capt. Bruce Hansen insisted. “Whether her language inhibited that, I really don’t know.”

“Our force continuum has specific times when a Taser is used during resisting arrest or that type of an incident where a person doesn’t comply with a lawful order to submit to an arrest,” he added. “This really is a criminal trespass, resisting arrest incident, and that’s fairly routine here.”

“There’s nothing really out of the ordinary about it.”

Li was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors. She is scheduled to return to court in January.

This is one of those posts (seems there are more and more as time goes by) where I shall refuse to say anything that could possibly incriminate me in a court of law this day or at any time in the actual or in a hypothetical future.

and I guantee you that the Apple store employees only denied her purchase BECAUSE she is an Asian woman. Not speaking English just helped them along. This happens all the time when Apple doesn’t want folks reselling the phones in China. Bastards.

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