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This is your annual reminder that The Salvation Army threatened to close all of their New York City soup kitchens if they were going to be forced to stop discriminating against their gay employees. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want to donate to any charity that would use the hungry as a bargaining chip to get what it wants. There are better charities to donate to. There are charities that donate 100% of their money to the people they’re trying to help, rather than taking some of that money and using it to fight against gay rights (as the Salvation Army does.) There are charities that don’t state on their website that homosexuals are morally obligated to live a life of celibacy. There are charities that accept everyone and help EVERYONE. 

For more information on how exactly the Salvation Army is anti-gay and, just in general, horrible, you can click here.

And please, if you’re my friend, or if you know any gay people, or even if you’re just not an asshole, PLEASE stop going bargain-hunting at the Salvation Army. And stop donating your money to them. There are better places for clothes. There are better places to donate.

Also, Salvation Army’s anti-trans policies have literally killed at least one woman.

Please donate to Amnesty International, Goodwill or Doctors Without Borders instead

Important reminder for this time of year!

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