why nobody trusts white feminists

white girl: in 1939, 19 years after women gained the right to vote
native girl: that’s 19 years after white women gained the right to vote, why do people ALWAYS just say “women” like it applies to every woman?
white girl: Oh wow. You should probably reconsider what makes something a “right”. LEGALLY WoC could vote in 1920, it was just ridiculously hard to exercise that right because of the oppressive nature of the places in which they lived.
native girl: native americans weren’t even US citizens in 1920
white girl: Why do people ALWAYS feel the need to separate women by race instead of presenting a united front?
native girl: because not ALL women gained their rights at that time, why do you feel the need to define when rights were gained by a specific race alone?
white girl: Didn’t, actually. You just have what seems to be an insatiable desire to call everything racist and sexist.
native girl: ( ಠДಠ)
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