biggadjeworld: Seriously, multiple Natives & Romani (even…


Seriously, multiple Natives & Romani (even some Native-Romani) have asked her to change the title of her blog. 

She went on to attack a Native girl on her blog calling her “fat”, saying her daughter looks “r*t***ed” & saying she must have drank when she was pregnant “like an Indian”.

She is telling multiple Romani that they are “racist” for asking her to not use “gypsy” because it is a slur. She is also claiming she is “gypsy” because her family travels.

 I’m pretty sure she made some off-handed remark about rape, blogs pictures of super sexualized women in Native head-dresses, sexualized white women wearing bindis. 

So, putting this person on blast for being a racist shit head, posting racist things, using slurs & tone policing real Romani & Natives.  

via Tumblr


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