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On the issue of Romani human trafficking. 

That no Roma will discuss because it’s marhime… and which no one else wants to admit is happening.


Women’s issues brought up.. “let’s return to the story”.
Very frustrating.

It wasn’t only women it was men as well. I would know better I was part of it

No one brings it up, ever.
They dance around it for women & we all know that they would never mention that our boys can & do suffer the same fate. We just pretend it never happens, which ensures that these things continue to occur. 

So, I reblogged to make a note halfway through.  Now that I’ve finished it, the one part that really stands out is when the guy says “They have no fear of God, this is the problem” or something to that effect.  I think this also speaks into them not following tradition.  They’ve abandoned what it means to be Rroma, but haven’t entered into what it means to be Gadje.  They’re in between, and have no fear of the laws of either side.

Most don’t abandon Roma tradition its just that we don’t get accepted by roma or gadje. We had no choice but to stay in between. I’m stuck in between. My,familiya still won’t talk to me

I meant in regards to the people doing the trafficking.  They’ve decided to screw over their own.  Not the people who get trafficked.  As far as I’m concerned, they’ve done nothing wrong.

Well what our people think we did wrong is that we still sold our bodies. My familiya and many others say we should have considered dying first. Better dead then beštija.

It’s easy to become stuck in between. When you have no money and no hope and they tell you that this “sacrifice” will help your family; they’ll get money for you; you’ll help to save them.

Only, it doesn’t really work like that and the women and men who must live through this horrific ordeal are ignored by both Rroma and Gadje. There is no culturally sensitive help out there – and some research I saw (can’t remember where) stated that most Rroma who are rescued end up re-trafficked.

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