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After Seven Years, Dutch Diplomat Couple Returns their Adopted Korean Daughter

Raymond Poeteray, vice consul at the Dutch Consulate General in Hong Kong, and his wife, Meta, adopted baby “Jade” from South Korea in 2000 at the age of four months. The couple believed themselves to be infertile at the time.

The diplomat’s wife subsequently conceived two biological children. The couple then left their eight-year-old adopted daughter in foster care, claiming she was never able to integrate into their family, and that “it was difficult to raise her because of culture shock.

Upon the child’s abandonment in Hong Kong, officials discovered that the parents never registered the child as a citizen or even a resident, and she had no legal status or protection under the Dutch, Hong Kong, or Korean governments.

Oh poor baby. 😦 That is just so fucked up. Fucking white people.

and this is why white people should be stringently watched when adopting PoC babbies.

“culture shock”??

she was 4 months old, she hadn’t learned her (or any!) damn culture yet! what was so shocking to an infant?

omfg how fucking evil can you be

No, they kept her for almost 8 years without ever doing anything that would give her any real legal protection. The only culture shock was her refusal to live up to their racist fantasies.

fuck these terrible, terrible people

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