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NAME: Nailla Robinson

APPEARANCE: Nailla stands about 40 inches tall and weighs around 35 pounds. She has a medium skin tone, brown eyes and black curly hair.

CIRCUMSTANCES: A woman entered the school and told school officials her name was “Tiffany,” and that she needed to take her daughter to breakfast. The woman then allegedly signed Nailla out of the office and took her away at approximately 8:50 AM on January 14, 2013.  The woman was dressed in a traditional Muslim over-garment and Niqab. She has her face covered and only her eyes showing. She’s wearing gloves. She’s wearing all black. She has something white on her arm and she has a long black umbrella. The surveillance camera shows them walking through the hallway to get to the door. The next camera picks up and she’s putting her umbrella up.

More information can be found here.

If you have any information, please call 911 or contact Philadelphia Police. And, of course, SIGNAL BOOST! Some one out there knows what happened to this precious little girl. Help her come home!

(Side note: So help me, if I hear one person try to turn this into “this is why they should ban the veil!”, there will be hell to pay.)

This one’s legit, folks.  Reblog.

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