“Why am I so angry? Because I’m roughly the same age as Jodie, and yet I had the courage to come out…”

“Why am I so angry? Because I’m roughly the same age as Jodie, and yet I had the courage to come out exactly 20 years ago.”

Why I’m So Angry About Jodie Foster’s Coming-Out Speech | Alternet

yeah, well, it makes me angry that you’re angry. we all come out on our own times in our own ways, even celebrities. and if there is a quibble to be had, it’s the idea that somebody doesn’t come out because of “privacy” rather than because of violence, abuse, homophobia, stereotyping, etc. those are real things. and so is all the shit that sits in your head. god knows, when i came out, i almost passed out from fear—and mr. toast, who was who i came out to, was like, rolling his eyes and shit—it was about as surprising as the sky being blue. but i had to deal with my OWN shit before i came out. 

we all deal with our own shit in our own ways. and sure, things are different today than they were a while ago—but that doesn’t mean shit. all the same old things that existed back when i was a five year old getting prayed over STILL EXIST. even for privileged white ladies that frankly didn’t make a lick of sense. but who cares. she did what she needed to do. on her own timeline. and THAT is the powerful part of coming out. coming back into your own body and claiming things on your own terms. healing the forced segregation within your “self.”

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I am deeply, deeply sick of this idea that queer people somehow have a “responsibility” to come out, regardless of personal safety or other costs.

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