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Air Pacific has applied to the Government of Fiji to trademark various traditional masi motifs. These motifs were created many years ago in Fiji and other parts of the Pacific and have been shared by inter-marriage between the islands. It is not fair for one company to own these cultural motifs, that are the cultural heritage of the people of Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and other parts of the Pacific where they originated and have been modified over the years – they were not created by Makereta Matemosi, the Fijian masimaker who was contracted by Air Pacific to design their new corporate logo. Air Pacific have chosen only one of the motifs for their new logo for Fiji Airways, and now are trying to trademark 9 distinct motifs. The grant of the trademark application to Air Pacific/Fiji Airways would mean no one else can use these motifs in future, without a licence from Air Pacific.

I’m seething that Air Pacific, a company majority owned by the people of Fiji is trying to steal for itself traditional masi motifs or kesakesa, that would require anyone who wanted to use it in a tattoo, masi print or cotton print, to get permission from Air Pacific every time. No thievery please Air Pacific, you’ve already taken $200million workers money from FNPF, and now you want to own cultural motifs that is the cultural heritage of ALL the people of Fiji and other parts of the Pacific.

SO while concerned citizens of Fiji are objecting via formal ties(btw if you want addresses let me know)we face a major obstacle. The Fijian government!
They are able to grant this patent and are 51% owners of Air PAcific. They are also undemocratic, police brutality loving, corrupt, media censoring asswipes. To object we have to go through them, and that’s not an easy prospect

So what can you do? Well you can let the other stakeholders know what’s going on. They include The governments of NAuru, Kiribati, Samoa and TOnga and also Air New Zealand and Qantas(a major shareholder)

Also you can do what you do best which is kick up a fuss. The Fiji government is able to run basically unchecked because the Fiji mainstream media is dictated by their narrative. In other words Fiji media is censored, and the Internet is not. Just please let this spread like wildfire please. Please and Thank you Internet

Super important. This kind of cultural theft has serious consequences and denies people access to their own cultures.

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