fuckyeahfatvegans: fuckyeahfatvegans: omg you guize! we are so…



omg you guize! we are so excited about all our followers – there are almost 900 of you! we want to show our love and appreciation so we’re doing a giveaway! 

rules of da game:

  • you must follow fuckyeahfatvegans. duh. 
  • unfortunately only continental united states only. postage ain’t cheap, but it’s pretty necessary.
  • reblogs only. we don’t really care how much because we’re using a random generator to find the winner.
  • if there’s anything you don’t want, just let us know and we won’t send it.
  • the giveaway ends february 17th. 

here’s what we got:

– 1 zebra print hankie
– 1 bottle of aveda hand cream and foot cream
– 4 Medusa loose eye dust (colors: atlantis, fascination, wasabi, blow)
– 1 cannister of Osmanthus Oolong tea
– 1 container of chrysanthemum tea
– 5 pairs of gold tone bird earrings
– 1 silver tone deer necklace 
– 1 wiggly fish keychain
– 1 container of handmade sugar scrub (ingredients: sugar, safflower oil, lavender, camomomile)
– 2 sheets of puppy and kitten stickers
– 2 handmade recycled paper books 
– 1 fish print
– 1 bird print
– 2 zines
– 13 political buttons
– 1 small glitter jar
– 2 packs of incense (triloka brand, lemongrass and coconut)
– 1 bottle of ylang ylang essential oil


– 1 original hand drawn hella fly eagle illustration by nastyxvx
– 1 original hand sewn hella fly cross stitch by ragn


A reminder about our giveaway, and reminder that only reblogs count for submission to the contest. We won’t be figuring in likes.

via Tumblr http://knittingandsljivovica.tumblr.com/post/42428094334


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