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omg you guize! we are so excited about all our followers – there are almost 900 of you! we want to show our love and appreciation so we’re doing a giveaway! 

rules of da game:

  • you must follow fuckyeahfatvegans. duh. 
  • unfortunately only continental united states only. postage ain’t cheap, but it’s pretty necessary.
  • reblogs only. we don’t really care how much because we’re using a random generator to find the winner.
  • the giveaway ends february 17th. 

here’s what we got:

– 1 zebra print hankie
– 1 bottle of aveda hand cream and foot cream
– 4 Medusa loose eye dust (colors: atlantis, fascination, wasabi, blow)
– 1 cannister of Osmanthus Oolong tea
– 1 container of chrysanthemum tea
– 5 pairs of gold tone bird earrings
– 1 silver tone deer necklace 
– 1 wiggly fish keychain
– 1 container of handmade sugar scrub (ingredients: sugar, safflower oil, lavender, camomomile)
– 2 sheets of puppy and kitten stickers
– 2 handmade recycled paper books 
– 1 fish print
– 1 bird print
– 2 zines
– 13 political buttons
– 1 small glitter jar
– 2 packs of incense (triloka brand, lemongrass and coconut)
– 1 bottle of ylang ylang essential oil


– 1 original hand drawn hella fly eagle illustration by nastyxvx
– 1 original hand sewn hella fly cross stitch by ragn


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jinnkuthekryptonianjedi: I’m having a fruit salad for dinner. Well, it’s mostly grapes. Okay, it’s…


I’m having a fruit salad for dinner. Well, it’s mostly grapes. Okay, it’s all grapes. Fermented grapes. I’m having wine for dinner.

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“This summer, an estranged husband violated his wife’s restraining order against him, shooting her —…”

“This summer, an estranged husband violated his wife’s restraining order against him, shooting her — and six other women — at her spa job in suburban Milwaukee, but since there were only four corpses the crime was largely overlooked in the media in a year with so many more spectacular mass murders in this country (and we still haven’t really talked about the fact that, of 62 mass shootings in the U.S. in three decades, only one was by a woman, because when you say lone gunman, everyone talks about loners and guns but not about men — and by the way, nearly two thirds of all women killed by guns are killed by their partner or ex-partner).”

Rebecca Solnit, The Longest War | TomDispatch (via nickturse)
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Happy St Brigid’s Day – Ireland’s first abortionist

Happy St Brigid’s Day – Ireland’s first abortionist :


Ireland’s only female patron saint, Brigid of Kildare, celebrates her feast day today, February 1st. A date that is traditionally the first day of spring, and chosen presumably because of the associations St Brigid has with fertility. She was a conglomeration of the pre-Christian goddesses that preceded her – a Celtic figure appropriated by the Church to boost pagan conversion. She was subsequently ousted in favour of the patriarchal figure of St Patrick and the impossible virgin-mother Mary.

While many will know that Brigid is a patron of healing, fertility and learning, the Church are not so quick to tell us she was in fact Ireland’s first recorded abortionist. In 650 AD a biographer of Brigid, Cogitosus, told the story of a young woman who had broken her vow of chastity and fell pregnant as a result. The young woman went to see Brigid, who took care of the problem:

Brigid, exercising with the most strength of her ineffable faith, blessed her, caused the fetus to disappear without coming to birth, and without pain.


Image by Aidan Hart

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The Cost of Compliance is Unreasonable [contains rape triggers, abuse triggers]

The Cost of Compliance is Unreasonable [contains rape triggers, abuse triggers]:







OP is a parent of an autistic girl, and this NEEDS TO BE VIRAL. NOW. For the sake of people with developmental or learning disabilities, it needs to be.

And the article linked within the linked article needs to be viral, too.

I have it from the author that the article linked within the linked article is getting TONS of hits. 

If you don’t read anything else today, read this. Trigger warning for abuse, rape in linked article.

This is why allistic parents of autistic children need to listen to us.

For the record, my life hasn’t been much different than the autistic adult’s in the linked article. Sent a link to the horrific parent from this morning.


90% of ABA(one of the more common ‘therapies’ for autism) is training your child to be compliant with whatever other people, need, want, expect, or demand from them


Related to my personal post.

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“Two years ago, South Dakota legislators passed a new law designed to deter women from seeking…”

Two years ago, South Dakota legislators passed a new law designed to deter women from seeking abortions. Under the law, a woman must consult with her doctor, then visit an anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy center,” and then wait 72 hours before she can actually have an abortion. Now legislators want to raise the barrier to accessing an abortion even higher by disqualifying weekends and holidays from the waiting period.

House Bill 1237, sponsored by Republican Jon Hansen, would amend the waiting period rule to add the line, “No Saturday, Sunday, federal holiday, or state holiday may be included or counted in the calculation of the seventy-two hour minimum time period between the initial physician consultation and assessment and the time of the scheduled abortion procedure.” It has 14 co-sponsors in the house and five in the state senate.

Apparently South Dakota lawmakers believe that a woman will be unable to contemplate her abortion adequately unless she’s doing it on a weekday.

If the bill passes, it would mean a woman who goes in for her initial consultation for an abortion on a Wednesday actually has to wait five days before she can have the abortion (Or six, if she happens to come in before a long weekend.) This is no small barrier for many women, especially in South Dakota. The state has just one abortion clinic, in Sioux Falls, and a doctor that flies in from out of state to provide services. Women drive up to six hours each direction to reach that clinic. The state also requires the doctor to read patients a prescribed script claiming that abortion will put them at an increased risk of suicide (a claim not backed by medical evidence).

Mother Jones, “South Dakota Bill Implies Women Can’t Think on Weekends” (via inothernews)

! I’d have to wait business days now!? Am I getting my abortions done at the goddamn post office!? Wtf!?

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Incomprehensible and totally unacceptable. I’d love to see statistics on how many pregnant people actually decide against the abortion after 24-72 hours. Most stories I’ve heard went like this: “They told me I had to wait to schedule my abortion, so I waited, then i scheduled it, then I had it.”

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